Thursday, July 9, 2009


So I've started a "365." A picture a day for one year. Mostly I'll try and use off camera flash for the pic of the day - at least at first because it's where I need the most work. But, as the year progresses I'm sure there will be a little of everything. The purpose, to try new things and push myself to create unique looks and do new things photographically. The images below are in reverse order Day 5 (Jenny - my beautiful pregnant wife), Day 4 (missed this day), Day 3 (pics a & b because the kids were too cute), Day 2 (Cooper-so-serious) and Day 1 (me in those cool sunglasses).


TheRogersClan2 said...

those are too cute! that picture of jenny looks like an ad in a magazine...good job cuz! the kids are cute as usual! -Court

TheRogersClan2 said...

also...that serious picture of Cooper looks like a kids clothing ad...abercrombie? you have got a potential model on your hands. lol.

robert and kelley said...

you are such a beautiful family!