Saturday, December 5, 2009

Amerson Family

We went out to this incredible field that Jenny and I found on the west side of Frisco (Texas) to shoot the Amersons. We've had the best of friendships with the Amerson's since we first met about a week after Jenny and I returned from our Honeymoon. We've done a little of everything with them - run a half marathon in Colorado Springs, gone skiing (water and snow) with each other's extended families, been boating, camping, college football games (our alma maters) in both Fayetteville and Auburn, and done more fish fry's than I can count. At this shoot we only had about 15 minutes to get everything in before the big strobe in the sky went away. There were tons of great photos, but I can't spoil their Christmas cards by showing all of them.

Because of this first shot I was going to title this post "New Moon." With the certain movie that's out right now, though, and since Greg only partly resembles Edward, I decided not to.

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Debra said...

Your post made me laugh (mostly about the "New Moon")! We are thankful to God for your friendship. You are so gifted.