Saturday, February 21, 2009

Beautiful Bride

I had to post these beautiful images of MY bride. After 5 years of marriage, she is still stunning. And she still strikes a pose for me...when I ask nicely. I was able to attend an all day seminar in Dallas two weeks ago of one of the best wedding photographers in the world right now, Australian Jerry Ghionis. I learned so much about lighting - especially how to take the ordinary and turn it into extraordinary. These images below are straight out of the camera - taken in our master bedroom. The only exception is that I sharpened both of them for the web and turned the 2nd into a black&white image. Enjoy.


Josh and Jenny Cobbs said...

First, you're the sweetest husband! Second, thank you for not asking me to jump up and down or run across the room this time. Lastly, I love that you've learned how to use natural light, but my wrinkles could use some of you photoshop magic!

TheRogersClan2 said... guys are too sweet to each other! I can't wait to see you guys in a couple of weeks!

ps-there is no wonder why you children photograph well! :)